Why Christian Education?

All education is good for the mind, but I feel a Christian education can overcome all things that life has to offer. There is no doubt I feel that the school system still should allow the Lords prayer, to allow children as well as adults study the will of God. When you apply God in your life, and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you, your education becomes a major source of knowing and seeing the vision God has planned for your life.

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Why Psychology Degree?

Now it is truly amazing how the Psychology Degree caught my attention. To actually learn about a person behavior, thinking pattern and idealistic ways, was far beyond anything I could have imagine, but once I gave my life to Christ, I begin to see myself in a different light, I begin to see my life with a mission in the body of Christ.

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Why Regent University?

In my decision of going back to school, I have search many opportunities, many schools, and many idea's that the school offers as a educational development for my growing experiences. It was truly exciting to have been able to receive many letters, asking me to come forth and be a member of their graduating class, and to have the courage to help others. It all sound nice, but after praying and asking the Lord to lead me on the path of which education process I should follower, he sent me Regent University.

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Psychology Degree

Spiritual Change


Spiritual Change
One man in Christ can make a differences. Spiritual Change is not about the individual who is changing, but about helping others find the resource to help make the same change as well.
God calling upon your life, is not about being served, but serving others in the name of Jesus. That is why it so important to hear or read about this young man who learned that all he dream about is not more important then what God has called him to do.

There are times when we will learn the hard way, but we should always know that nothing is to hard for the Lord.
God is the answer...

Spiritual Connections


Hey Hey. It it now time. Am now on twitter, face book and other sites. You can now follow what God is doing within the site, and within my life.


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My Journey


Just drawing near to the Lord, has been a very deep and positive journey. I have learned that rain storms are not to destroy you, but help you grow strong in faith. So I allow myself to see the rain as if God is telling me it is time for a new level in life, it is time for me to take a higher step.
This is why I have decided to obtain my degree in Religious Studies. Yes it is a fact that I have been in ministry for over 20 years, and have been a minister for 10 years, and I even have other degree's, but I felt the need to gain a strong and more effective mind in ministry. When I prayed about it, God allow his heavenly rain fall down upon me, and I begin to see a more clear view of his vision in my life.
Now this is one journey, that I find very nervous to my soul, for I have not step up this. I am so use to working with others, and working under others, that actually being the man up front has caused me to have a state of fear in my heart. Yes I know with God all things is possible. And I am not afraid that I will not be able to do the job, I just want to be the best minister, director and leader God has called me to be.

I have worked in varies of departments within ministries, but this one is a lot more unique. When God calls you into a position, you should step out in faith, as well as wisdom. And I am doing that today. I have decided to step out and begin to help build and establish the foundation of the New Life Christian Outreach & Ministry. A ministry that strives to equip, encourage, endorse, empower and educate those who are called to minister unto others. For the last few weeks, I have received over 80 emails, requesting about license and ordination process. I have gotten phone calls from ministers who have been apart of the UECA foundation, asking me how will be more effective then the last person who was appointed in this position.
And I can say that one way is to get all ministers involved with what God has called this ministry to be. For I know that the body can not run with the head, just as the head will not be able to function without to the body in a way that it will desire. So I know that I am not just here to help others, but to provide spiritual guidance to those who are new and season Christians with the New Life C.O.M and the UECA Foundation...
Well lord like Samuel, you son has heard your calling, and I am here to do the job. So I pray that you continue to allow your spirit to lead me, and grant me the wisdom to do as you have called me to do.

How time can break you down!


I know I have written within this blog for along time, and I have good reason why,many things has taken place within these past months, from the physcial aspect to he mental as well as the spiritual, and yet my mind and heart is still serving the Lord. Like Job, I refuse to allow the devil to win, to destroy all that has been built within me by the hands of my father, my savior and teacher.

When life seem to go wrong, it don't just rain, it pours, and the more it pours the more you begin to feel as if you are going to float away, and there is no one that can save you. But how wrong we are, everything in our lives is not cause by the devil, nor is it meant to destroy you. How do I know, just these few months my mind and heart was full of pain, discomfort, confusion and bewilderment, and those stages alone almost cost my relationship with God. I was mad and I felt abandon by him for a while. Now you may say, how is that possible when you are a ordain minister. And yet that may be true, but I am still human, and I still feel pain, and still get confused. That is one of the reason why I believe God allowed to start this blog, to show the world no matter how gifted we may be mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, we still have a very hard time overcoming obstacles that truly cost pain in our lives.

Some people may ask what could be so bad for you to feel anger toward God. Well for one, I have been determine to have Liver cancer, don't ask me how, because I don't drink, never have and never well. But I use to smoke. So that may have been the case to this, then while attending doctors and getting things I need to prepare for this trial, I was released from my job over a lie that one of the clients I tried to help decided that I was there for them as much as I should of been. This is why it is a most as professional counselor you must make sure you have boundaries, because some individuals with mental problems begin to feel you are there for them and only them, and when that doesn't happen situation that I had to face will occur. You may could have said I could have frought for my job back, which is true, especially after I provide that it was a false statement on the clients behalf, but for some strange reason, I felt as if that job wasn't for me, at least that place of employment, because I felt betrayed, there was any form of trust there, especially after they found out that I was a man of God, and that I believe that there are times when medication and spirituality can and will work in a person life is they so believe and allow God to move. Well that is another rule one must be very careful about, you can't bring forth your own personal judgment or thoughts within a place of business, for others who may not feel the same way you do will feel disrespect or become argumentative toward your belief, and this is not just with the clients. (LOL)

So now here I was working on treatment, and now employment, I come to find out that the last class that I need to graduate isn't offered until the Summer term, which I wasn't told this, for I know this I would have taken this course last Summer or the Summer before then. So with that being said, always check with your advisor about your course and when they are being offered or you may end up like me, wondering where and how you are going to get the money to pay for this course, or you will not be graudating. Now can you imagine how I feel right now. Can you think of ways to make me smile?
Well I can only say, God has ways. No I the cancer is not gone, I am going through treatment now, which I have to make sure my class work is done because there are days when my body hurts so bad and I just can't move or think right.
No I do not have a job, which now I see why allow me to lose this employment at this time, because of the fact of the pain and discomfort I am now going through with treatment, and sooner or later they was either going to make me use up all my sick time or let me go. No I haven't figured out how I am going to get the money to pay for the last class for the summer session in order to graduate. But what I do know, Just like Job, I will not let go of my Father, I will lose faith within my Savior, and I will keep the Holy Spirit close to my heart and soul, for I know that by the will of God all things are possible by his hands and not by man.
So no matter what you are going through, no matter how you may feel,no matter what others may see, keep God first in your life, and I promise you he will make a way for everything to be alright.
God Bless you all.
Rev. Tony R. Smith

Just thinking


Look how time is flying by. I feel as everything that God is placing before me is just opening up many doors to show the world his glory and how much he love us so. There are times when I wonder if this world truly  understand the love God has for all his children, and if they do, can they truly realize how important it is to grant others that same love in return?

When you think about how Jesus Christ gave his life so that we may have life, it will open your heart to the diven knowledge of how true Love should be. I don’t know if I could have gave my life, and to this day, I ask myself how far will I go to show others how much I love them and respect them. As humans we think about it before we do it, but Christ didn’t even blink an eye, he done exactly what his father asked of him, and he gave his life so  that we may know the value of love and a true and beautiful love. I thank him for granting me that love, for it has given me the courage to say to you. I Love You, and I pray that you will one day share this love with others.

May God Bless you.

The Apostle

God’s Will


I know that it has been a while since I have written here, but I pray that each time I do write, it uplift the next person to know that God is real and if you just believe in him he shall direct your path.

I have been working very hard at my internship course, and I have been doing a lot of traveling sharing the world of God with a ministry called United Association of Christian Chaplains & Counselor Ministry International. And I tell you it has been a very spiritual and supportive week. God has been so good, and so rewarding I sometimes have to  ask him why? Why have he given me this blessing or why have you place this goodness in my life.

I ask these things because I know why he love me so, and I give praise to him for loving him. God has open up so many doors. At this point, I have been anointed and appointed as the Regional Overseer of the United Evangelical Church of America and the United Association of Christian Chaplains and Counselor Ministry International. Never would I thought I would have made it this far, especially when my life was not of God will. I know that as soon as I continue to allow God to lead me my life will never be the same, and I know that life will have so many adventures.

I don’t like truly saying that my life will have trials and tribulations, because we have all them, but when God come forth into your life those trials and tribulations become lesson’s to learn and problems to overcome, so I call them Adventures, for each step bring forth a new challenge in life. Especially when the devil is on your heels trying to break you down. Amen

Well I am not going to keep you long, but I pray that each person that decide to write my blog know that God is will is the way.

All so I know have a ministry that give away free spiritual books on the knowing about the water and spirit. All you have to do is send me a email at: newlifecom@sbcglobal.net, give me your information address, so I can send you the books.

Until then I will pray for you always.

Your friend in Christ

Overseer Reverend Tony R. Smith

He also confirms his decision that he makes in your life.


Ecclesiastes 11:5“As you do not know the path of the wind, or how the body is formed in a mother's womb, so you cannot understand the work of God, the Maker of all things.”


It is so great to know that God always, grants you a vision, and yet he make sure that he grants you provision to confirm what he has for you to do in this life. Here I am so  grateful what he has decided to do in my life, and how he has now chosen me to become the new Regional Overseer for the United Association of Christian Chaplains and Counselor Ministries International and United Evangelical Association Ministries, for the state of Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Indiana.

I praise his name not because of the things he do for me, but because of the love he has for me and for who he is. The things he do for me are a blessing that I enjoy, but serving him and sharing with others how God can and will change your life if you truly say yes to your calling. I tell everyone I meet how God took a man from the deepest ruins of his sinful nature and turn him into a man of God’s glory and  love. Some people believe  me, then there are others who just can’t believe how I once lived my life and how I am today.

But what they must understand is that I didn’t do this on my own, it was the love of God that done all that is within me today. I live by his words and love, and even as I continue to grow strong in his love and mercy, I am still learning on a daily bases to know him more on a personal level. I admit that I am not perfect, I still have things that must change as I grow as the man God has created me to be, but I learn from these mistakes, and I ask my father to forgive for them. So as I say to all you today, God is the real, and he can and will change the your life. What he promise to us, he has never change that promise. Just ask his son; Jesus Christ.

God Bless you all.

Regional Overseer Apostle Tony R. Smith